It is multi-faceted, manifold, incomprehensibly tangible. This makes it so interesting. It is never humdrum, homogeneous, or monotonous!

Sawn hardwood: Anything but boring!

Coloured hardwood from German tree-growing areas is anything but boring! It fascinates by fantastic diversity and is the ideal material for creative furniture making and varied interior finish.



• Sawn sycamore wood

Sycamore boules | Cutting thicknesses 30, 35, 40, 52, 65 und 80 mm
Also flamed or steamed!

The bright maple/sycamore wood is characterised by its fine-grained surface with homogeneous texture and shows impressive reflections in the light. Sawn sycamore wood is hard, tough, and of high abrasion resistance.

• Sawn birch wood

Birch boules | Cutting thicknesses 35, 52 mm

Birch shows wonderful reflections in the light, has a silky sheen and, when stained, is suited as a replacement for timber species such as walnut wood or cherry wood. Birch wood is often used in furniture making and for turning and carving.

Sawn beech wood

Beech boules | Cutting thicknesses 27, 35, 52, 65 mm
Steamed and unsteamed

Red beech logs with a flamed heart are a special highlight. Sawn beech wood allows pleasant working, and the close-textured surface is highly suitable for opaque varnish coatings. The possibility of bending beech wood in steam opens an entirely new use of forms.

• Sawn oak wood

Oak boules | Cutting thicknesses 20, 27, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 52, 65, 70, 80, 100, 120 mm

Oak wood is always in demand. Modern and expressive, it is by far the most popular furniture wood type, the epitome of timeless interior. But also in the outdoor area, in boat and ship building as well as for high-quality barrels, and much else, the distinctive oak wood can furnish proof of its positive properties.

• Sawn ash wood

Ash boules | Cutting thicknesses 30, 38, 52, 65, 80, 100 mm

Ash wood is bright, partly also with distinctive heart and intense texture. Due to its ring-porous surface texture, ash boules are also perfectly suited for decorative paint coats, also with intense colours if preferred. Ideal wood for bent parts.

Sawn chequer / pear tree wood

Chequer tree boules | Cutting thicknesses 32, 35, 52, 65 mm
Lengths up to 5 m

Chequer tree wood takes its exclusive effect by its characteristically marked heart; the sawn timber is available in reddish-brown to intensely dark red colour shades. Due to its hard and close-textured surface, chequer tree wood is particularly low-wearing.

Sawn alder wood

Alder boules | Cutting thicknesses 35, 52, 65 mm

Alder wood is close-grained and has a straight-grained structure with gentle slash grain; it has an optical effect with or without black inclusions. With low swelling and shrinkage behaviour, alder wood has also convincing technical properties.

Sawn hornbeam wood

Hornbeam boules | Cutting thicknesses 35, 40, 52, 65 mm

Hornbeam wood is one of the hardest domestic wood species and is used in stained form also as an alternative to ebony. Due to the colour fastness over many years and the low wearout even under severe stress, hornbeam wood is suitable wherever wood is exposed to extreme stress, for instance for shop counters and in stairway construction.

• Sawn cherry wood

Cherrytree boules | Cutting thicknesses 27, 35, 40, 52, 65 mm
We stockpile cherrytree boules in lengths of up to 6 m.

With its warm colour and sensuous grain, cherry wood has been representing elegance and delicate taste for centuries. Sawn cherry wood disseminates a pleasant fragrance and has an entirely smooth and sleek feel.

Sawn chestnut wood

Chestnut boules | Cutting thickness 52 mm

Spanish chestnut wood has a warm, golden brown shade and looks basically like oak wood, but without the wood rays thereof. In contrast, horse chestnut wood is yellowish-white, but may also have darker shades, and it has no tannic acid.
Because of the limited quantities available, chestnut wood is not much known in furniture making.

Sawn lime wood

Lime boules | Cutting thicknesses 80, 100, 120, 140 mm

Due to its specific properties, lime wood is a popular material in sculpture or wood turning.

Sawn walnut wood

Black walnut boules | Cutting thicknesses 27, 35, 40, 52, 65, 80 mm
Walnut boules | Cutting thicknesses 52, 65 mm
Steamed or unsteamed up to a length of 6 m

We stockpile sawn walnut wood as steamed timber with classic dark brown colour, but also as unsteamed timber with bright sapwood. Walnut wood is characterised by strong contrasts and has good working properties.

Sawn elm wood

Elm boules | Cutting thicknesses 35, 40, 52, 65 mm

With its lively to colourful grain, the rare elm wood is excellently suited for making customised furniture. No log resembles the other.

Sawn robinia / acacia wood

Robinia boules | Cutting thickness 52 mm

Robinia is a very heavy and hard wood with best strength properties and high durability. The extremely weather-resistant acacia/robinia wood is almost indestructible and durable for a very long time even when in contact to soil or water.
Indoors, robinia has an effect through its flamboyant yellow-greenish colour.