Round timber

Quality begins with the purchase

Round timber: Because quality is no coincidence.

We have been awarded and are certified according to the PEFC standards.

Furthermore, an ever-growing part of our round timber is also certified according to FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) standards.

Thorough selection of oak round timber at quality wood auctions, personal takeover of round timber in state-owned, municipal, and privately-owned forests.

We prefer the purchase of sound round timber with excellent species properties, in particular the gorgeous, valuable and close-grained Spessart oak from our home region.

Benefit from our many years of experience. We check every single log and collect the best round timber from suitable tree-growing areas, resulting in a very homogeneous quality.

Entrust us with the compilation of your batch!

Durmast oak Common oak


Our stock of round lumber includes the popular domestic species such as

Maple (sycamore), oak, ash, cherrytree, walnut, spruce, and larch.

We have specialised in oak round timber in large dimensions and excellent quality, from veneer quality grade to stave wood grade and furniture grade to rustic knotty oak wood.

Neben Eichenrundholz bieten wir auch gelegentlich außergewöhnliche Holzarten.

All logs are paraffined for optimal protection of the round timber.

Oak round timber