Sawn oak wood

Decorative oak wood -
without any weakness!

Sawn oak wood from your sawmill...

Trend timber of character, no matter whether for elaborate restorations or exciting designer furniture, oak wood is convincing!

We have an extensive and well-kept stock of sawn oak wood in all merchantable cutting thicknesses at our disposal. Large stock quantities of oak timber impress in the following quality assortments:

• Quality oak wood
• Oak wood for ledges/slats
• Oak wood for furniture

Our most common cutting thicknesses:

20 mm | 27 mm | 30 mm | 35 mm | 40 mm | 45 mm | 50 mm | 52 mm | 65 mm | 70 mm | 80 mm | 100 mm | 120 mm

Eiche Blockware

In our stock, we carry Spessart oak timber, predominantly durmast oak timber with particularly fine growth ring structure from our home region, as well as common oak timber from the best tree-growing areas, in the form of sawn timber and sawn veneer. The entire range is available either as air-dried or technically dried timber.

Our sales team is looking forward to your enquiry!

No matter whether pippy oak timber or very knotty oak wood, copper-coloured or rustic oak wood, whether plain, closely ringed or "mild" oak wood, this construction and work material has enthused for hundreds of years in the form of boards and planks, sawn veneer, and squared timber. Time and again different, time and again new.

Be inspired, we provide the material for your dreams! Solid oak wood for lively furniture and designer items, for stairways, doors, floor coverings, windows...

...the limits of application are only a matter of imagination.