Aesthetics and function in harmony.

Sawn softwood: Simply practical!

Impresses through its diverse fields of application - indoors and outdoors. We stockpile the most popular domestic coniferous timber species in different cutting thicknesses.



Sawn Douglas fir wood

Douglas fir boules | Cutting thicknesses 50, 65, 80 mm

The reddish Douglas fir wood resembles larch wood in structure and technical properties. But because it doesn't exude resin, it can also be used in hot environments such as saunas.

Sawn spruce wood

Spruce boules | Cutting thicknesses 35, 50, 65, 75, 90 mm

Spruce wood has a distinctively striped grain and low weight. Spruce wood is by far the most used domestic softwood – almost any application is conceivable.

Sawn pine wood

Pine boules | Cutting thicknesses 52, 65, 80 mm

Pine wood has clearly different sapwood and heartwood as regards colour; it is just as bright and pleasant as robust and easy-care. It is therefore well suited for windows, doors, and furniture - indoors and outdoors.

Sawn larch wood

Larch boules | Cutting thicknesses 35, 50, 65, 70, 75, 80, 90 mm

Larch wood with its reddish colour has natural durability as it is the hardest and heaviest domestic coniferous wood. It is therefore used in window construction or outdoors even without chemical timber preservation, and its surface assumes a silver-grey colour due to weather influences.

Sawn redwood timber

Redwood boules | Cutting thicknesses 35, 52, 65, mm

Redwood timber has an exceptional violet colour. It can be used equally indoors and outdoors. Redwood is also referred to as sequoia and is one of the tallest tree species in Germany.

• Sawn fir wood

Fir boules | Cutting thicknesses 52, 65, 80 mm

The cream-coloured fir wood is odourless and non-resinous. The fields of application are similar to those of spruce wood.